Millennial Prepper is a site that aims to provide information that will help others in their goals to improve their readiness for any kind of emergency event.  Millennials are often young professionals just managing to make their rent payments and pay for groceries, and often live in city apartments or with roommates.  Even with these living circumstances, there are steps that anyone can take to be prepared, make any survival situation easier to bear, and save a bit of cash.

About the author

As I write this blog I choose to remain anonymous as a part of my own preparedness safety net, as it were.  But in general, I would categorize myself in the Millennial generation, and I face the challenges most of us do these days: working the 9 to 5 grind, keeping up on current events, hanging out with friends, and trying to have enough of my paycheck leftover for bills.  I grew up in a rural area, so the term “prepping” was never on my radar during childhood – it was just a small part of everyday life.  Canning fruits and veggies from the summer harvest was always a much anticipated event in my household!  When I eventually went to college, I realized that while the institution had emergency preparations in place,  the last thing I would want in the event of any kind of disaster was to be one of the thousands of students weighing on the school’s infrastructure, and if it came down to relying on myself I was seriously under-prepared.  So I figured out little ways to improve my situation as a broke college student, and after graduation and entering the work force I have continued exploring the ways of being prepared while living the millennial lifestyle.

I’d like to thank you for visiting this blog.  I hope that the information here helps you on your journey to becoming self-reliant and prepared for any eventuality.