Yukon Gold Potatoes

How to grow potatoes in a container

Potatoes have been a staple food that keeps civilizations safe from the dangers of famine for hundreds of years, from the Incas to the Irish. Growing them yourself will provide you with a source of nutrition and energy that will last, as well as saving you money on groceries in the long run. It doesn’t … Continue reading How to grow potatoes in a container


A simple hardtack recipe

Used by soldiers of the American civil war, sailors in the British Royal navy, pioneers, all the way back to the Roman Legions and ancient Egyptians, hardtack has been a staple for survival for hundreds of years. The reason: when kept under the right conditions, it can last indefinitely. Made with only flour, salt, and … Continue reading A simple hardtack recipe

Wheat grain

What kinds of wheat are there?

Wheat is a great staple to include in your food storage plans, but did you know that there are multiple kinds to choose from?  The way I found out was the first time I went to buy bulk foods for storage, I went to the wheat section, and I saw all these different names and … Continue reading What kinds of wheat are there?

How much food storage is enough?

Keeping food for long-term storage is an essential part of preparing for any eventuality, whether it is a natural disaster or a SHTF scenario. If you’ve decided to start stock-piling food, that is great news, and you’re already setting yourself up for success! But you may be wondering, what kind of food do I need, and how much is enough?